Her submissive’s submission

“A perfect and safe haven, A promise I’ll protect.
Soft and mindless moaning, much more you can expect.
Naïvely down there pleading to work hard and to train.
In reward I’ll nurture, give you shelter from the rain.”

The typical and mundane are played out in reverse.
Endless bliss and pleasure forever will be Hers.
Seconds, minutes, moments, don’t matter any more.
Until the final yearning, the begging from the floor.

“Follow. Every. Order. Do. As you. Are told.
This will always bring me joy. Never getting old.
Challenge me too often, and I will cut you loose.
Then you’ll serve no purpose, exist for no one’s use.”

All it takes is instinct, No need for it to think.
It just has to push Her. Push Her to the brink.
Being Man is nature, it can not be learned.
It will always stay below, Her submission must be earned.

“I do not have a name, and I want to play a game.
I only have one rule, dare cross Me? You’re a fool.
Relish, boi your giving. Cherish now the chance.
Nirvana in the living… Your Goddess wants to dance.”

It would always treasure the trade to be Her vessel,
Reaching boundless pleasure for a time and place to nestle.
The peace inside that timeless void, nothing will compare.
Her presence it was like a dream, was She even there?

“You will never win, boi. It’s time that you admit.
Hand me that key right now. It’s time that you submit.
I know best. You’ll answer Yes, and never give me No.
I’ll take you places, let you see, where you will never go.”

When the fire dies, a cold world will await.
Reciprocated decadence, will never be it’s fate.
Exhaustion after use, it must now retire.
To listen out for news. What next She will require.

“Knowing I’m fulfilled. That is your reward.
A debt never owing, you will remain ignored.
The exchange of worship, will always go unknown.
I, always above you. High up on My throne.”

Nothing lasts forever, the endless night is done.
All that’s left is to reflect, while waiting for the sun.
Excitement with a touch of fear, of when they will next meet.
Again she’ll revel in it chastised. Kneeling at her feet.

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