After She had gone

How ironic. It had needed to be punished for not trusting Her judgement of it’s safety. Ironic, because She had gained Her pet’s trust in the next mere matter of minutes…

in every sense of the word.

It felt Her hand gently stroking it’s head.
It only felt the wild wind and rain after She had gone.

It heard Her gentle encouragement… The compliments She cooed.
It only heard the waves crash on the sand after She had gone.

It tasted what She had offered it. Her Final reward for it’s effort.
It only tasted the salt coming from the ocean after She had gone.

It saw Her body. Mistress smiling proudly down at him.
It only saw the trees, the sand, the darkness. After She had gone.

It smelt where it had belonged. It was the first thing Mistress made it do.
The scent lingered. It was all that had remained after She had gone.

It wouldn’t need to be punished again for trusting Her judgement. After leading Her pet to their bubble, it knew it was safe…

in every sense… of the word.

2 thoughts on “After She had gone”

  1. Guys who hesitate, even slightly, are often punished when they have to agreed to D/s with their dominant because this casts doubt on their special relationship. If you protest too much or stray too far…it may be over!


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