A service oath to Mistress

I swear to exist only for Her pleasure. When in Her company, my identity, age, race and gender become obsolete. During acts of servitude, the concept of “me” ceases to exist in her presence, replaced only with “it.” I will become an object that is at most Her pet, and at the very least, a mere conduit for Her lust.

She will own and have full control of my mind. She will own and control all of my body. The desire for my own personal sexual release and gratification will cease to exist. Instead I will salivate for the need to taste and treasure Her heavenly nectar with my only sexual organ. The only significant part of my physical being. I will relish Her ever so sweet moistness. Delight in stroking, probing and lapping up Her sensitive softness with my mouth. Lips. Tongue. I will savour each and every single drop.

My cock, the centre of my sexual self will remain encased in chastity as a symbol of my surrender to Her. It will always stay limp. As passive as the rest of Her property during times of worshipping my Goddess. Any sign of hardening, even a murmur of arousal from my member would be an indication of my decision, be it conscious or subconscious, to be placed on a mutual pedestal. This would be an insult to Her. As Her inferior, I would not dare expect to receive what I am offering to my Superior at any time. Ever.

I will understand that any such distraction would be a waste of precious time spent serving Her. Meeting Her needs to my full potential is my one and only goal. I will improve over time. Gradually perfecting pleasing Her and only Her, as I would any form of art.

I may twitch. I may shiver. Not for my own arousal, only as a symbol of pride. Knowing I am succeeding in the role I am honoured for which I have been chosen.

I may sigh, but only out of gratitude for the position I find myself in. I may groan, but only with the realization that the worship will eventually come to an end.

I may moan, but only in the hope she moans louder. I may moan louder still, but only in the hope of a desired snowball effect. A rippling crescendo towards Her ecstasy. Her climax alone.

I will remain Her physical connection to a hedonistic nirvana.
I promise I will give.
I promise She will receive.

I promise I won’t matter.

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