Tell me your little story again.

She sits on the sofa watching television, feet up on Her pet’s back. Naked apart from a metal cock cage, Her living foot rest. On all fours on the floor in front of Her.

“Mistress?” it braved.

Apart from furrowing Her brow, She largely ignores it. Too engrossed in her favourite program.

“I was thinking, Mistress…” Still she ignored her boi.

It sensed no immediate danger for speaking out of turn. It thought this was fair enough, it had only ever broken this rule twice. Both valid reasons, it going unpunished on both occasions. ‘Was she just wrapped up in the plot of the show, or was she actually willing to hear me out?’ It wondered. It took a risk and ventured further.

“I know my manhood is useless, Mistress… But when you make me watch you with those superior people, you look so happy… Mistress? Which then makes me happy… of course. But biologically, Mistress, if you look at me down there, I…”

She picks up the television remote and uses it to pause her program. She regards it with a blank expression. It waits to be harshly chastised for speaking before being asked. After several seconds of silently trying to read her face, the boi decides it must be okay to continue.

“Um… scientifically, Mistress… Superior or inferior, a cock just to look at… any cock… You wouldn’t know who it belonged to if you pretended…”

She gets to her feet and puts the remote down on a side table.

“Go on, boi.”

She was allowing it? She may even agree!

“Um… I don’t want to feel any sexual pleasure, Mistress… If I did, I could easily pretend I don’t feel anything. In actual fact, my cock does work as well as your other real men…”

She picks up a bottle of lubricant from the side table.

“Lie on the lounge, boi.”

It obeys, it’s body lying across the length of the lounge. She opens the lid of the lubricant.

“On your back, boi.”

It flips.

“Mistress? It’s my personality that makes me a sub… really, we know it sexually works? And you just love being pleasured like that so much, Mistress. Your pleasure is the most important thing to me, Mistress! And… Um… I could be a surrogate Man? I thought…”

She reaches out with her free hand and clasps it around the cheeks, lightly enough to stop it from speaking.  She squeezes slightly, holding the boi’s mouth open.

“It Does… Not… Matter what you think, boi.”

It tries to apologize but it’s words come out garbled. She cuts it off.

“Hush. Now.” as she squirts the bottle of lubricant a few times into it’s open mouth.

The boi makes a shocked murmur as several streams of lubricant shoot into it’s mouth.

“Do. Not. Swallow!”

It gargles obediently.

“That’s right… get my tongue nice and slippery…”

It rolls it’s tongue around several times. She leans and puts the bottle of lubricant back on the table without letting go of the boi’s cheeks. She slides out of her panties and straddles it’s face, jumping a little at the feeling of the lubricated tongue below.

“Ooh! Good… behaviour, boi…”

She swivels her hips slowly, before leaning over and picking up the remote. She looks down at it.


It pauses and looks up at Her.

“Go on… Tell me all about how my caged cock is…”

She laughs at the thought of it being inside Her.

“Start telling me again… I’m really, super interested in hearing all about how my pathetic little dickling is as superior as…”

She laughs again as it repeats all it said earlier. What She hears instead is a slippery mumbling sound below. She moans softly, swivelling Her hips slowly.

“Oh… It feels so good when you’re telling me your little story, boi…”

Slowly twisting back and forth, She restarts her television program and places the remote on the table.

“That’s better… It’s drowned your cute little opinions out and I can concentrate.”

She watches the program and grabs a clump of Her pet’s hair below, manipulating it’s head around to suit Her needs.

“Once you finish your little story, boi… you’ll tell it all again. Several times.”

It let’s out an obedient grunt.

If She heard it, She gave it no attention.

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