Cuddle Party…

It nuzzled against Her leg, attaching Her second shoe, just as it had done the first.

“I’m going now, boi.”

She reached down and unclipped the lead from the collar around Her pet’s neck. She started coiling the lead into a loop. It gulped up at Her and went to stand. She held the boi in place with a high heel pressed into it’s haunch, cocking Her head at it.

“You may stand… Only after I leave.”

“I was going to give you a hug, Mistress.”

She recoiled. It blushed.

“I always have two decisions on how to spend my quiet nights, pet. I either curl up and watch television on my own… Or I curl up and watch television while certain needs are tended to. Just because I usually choose the latter option, and you happen to be an instrument required for that scenario… There’s no need for a cuddle party…”

“But… You’re going away for a week. It’s the longest I won’t see you since I’ve moved in…”

She swished open the door, greeting the cold night.

“Well… Keep giving me reason to call you a good boi, and I won’t need to replace you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She played with it’s hair, causing it to arch it’s head to the side.

“Good pet… Stay off the furniture.”

The door swished shut. The night was gone. The sound of Her heels against the pavement eventually faded away.

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