“Thank you, Sir.”

Which way was it facing?

It had known before the blindfold went down. A few tugs of it’s leash in the dark, and now it was lost.

The mundane sound of the local news coming from the television to it’s left. The noises of Her mouth all over Him made the voice of the newsreader sound even more banal. Absurdly so.

He and Her went silent. The sounds of shifting. Don’t dare try and peek past the side of the blindfold. The real people would surely be watching it on it’s knees. It wasn’t worth the risk of being punished.

It jerked. Some strands of Her hair on it’s cheek. Her breath exhaling on it’s cheek as He entered. The hair tickling with each of His strokes as She rocked back and forth. It knew where it was in the room as She whispered past the blindfold. In time with His pumps…

“You… will… ne-ver… e-ver… do… this… to… me.”

Followed by the softest and slowest of moans from Her. It shivered.

“Thank you, Sir.”

The mood altered. It gulped as He slowed His grinding. It had stopped Her pleasure with it’s utter… Mistress would be furious! It gulped again…

“Thank you. For pleasuring Mistress in ways… I’ll never be capable of, Sir…”

He resumed stroking, increasing the tempo. Her hand. Rubbing the pet behind the ear. She gripped it’s shoulder for support. Another whisper…

“Patience, pet… Mistress first… Then it’ll be your turn. You’ll get a chance to express your gratitude to Him…”

Which way was it facing?

“Very good, Mistress…”

The television was to it’s left… Or was it to the right?


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