Massaging Her

…A flame flickered back and forth, dancing on the wick of a lilac coloured candle. It hypnotized. The scent of lavender soothed. Slowed Her breathing…

It had large, powerful hands. Perfect for a Dominant Man, but not going completely to waste hanging by either side of Her pet. Or tied behind it’s back as was often the case.

…A cool sensation. Two streams across each shoulder. The smell of vanilla lingers in the air. Before the lotion could ooze, it’s hands upon Her deserving body…

Two small, firm circles made with the thumbs either side of Her spine. Slowly circling wider, adding it’s palms. It’s hands moving down Her tanned lower back. Stopping. Easing off slowly:

“…Keep going until I fall to sleep, boi. And then keep going until you fall asleep…”

Fingers and thumbs, drizzling slowly upward to repeat the process. Criss-crossing in as many ways as it could think of.

“That felt good there, pet.” She sighed, as it committed the spot to memory, proud to receive Her praise.

Up and down… around and around. She started to snore. Hard and soft… this way and that. It started to yawn.

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