Success at last

The only time it was permitted to lie in Her bed. Her back to it. Not needing to watch as it kissed Her as passionately as it was able, in the only place it was allowed to. Never on Her mouth. It moaned softly. Purely content.

She shifted Her body slightly. Her calf brushing against the steel encasing it’s sexuality. She frowned. The metal was in one spot. Her pet’s body was in another. Too much distance between. An impossible amount. She reached down. Finger hooking around the chastity device. Empty. It was free.

“boi?” She slightly recoiled. It slowed, normal thought returning. It spotted a glint of metal in the dark. Not possible. She reached down, Her fingers brushing where it was free. Uncaged. She recoiled further. It shrank further. Shame.

“You… think you’re man enough to lie in MY bed wearing as much as me?”

“It was an accident, Mistress… I didn’t… It fell off! The lubricant must have…”

She lifted the device, twirling it slowly. The locked padlock clinking against it. She reached over to Her bedside table. It gulped.

“My pet seems to be quite the little Houdini…”

“It was an…”

She brought Her hand back slowly. Her paddle, which She twirled. Loosening Her wrist.

“It was an…”

“You didn’t answer my question, pet…” It shook it’s head, not recalling being asked one.

“You think, you’re deserving of being… on my pedestal? Where Mistress lies and beds… real… worthy Men?”

“Mistress, I didn’t mean to…” It gulped. It’s eyes lit up…

“I didn’t get aroused! At all! The serving… I didn’t enjoy it all!” It looked down at itself.

Her eyes narrowed. She followed it’s gaze.

“I can’t have! It’s proof, Mistress… Who knows how long I was worshipping before…”

She slowly brushed it against it’s thigh with Her paddle, before coiling up sensually behind Her pet. It waited. Like a snake, She loomed near Her prey. It shivered. She cleared Her throat.

“Stay soft, and I’ll put away my paddle. Lock you back up and we’ll speak of this incident no more.”

“Yes M…”

“Get hard. Even the slightest hint… of arousal… I’ll keep my paddle… very… handy.”

She leaned close enough for it to feel Her breath on it’s neck. She whispered…

“I want to… paint you. With my tongue.”

It’s breath stopped. It’s toes curled. They both intently watched it’s softness.

“Until you are as erect… and long… as my head.”

It may have moved. limply. Ever so slightly. She glared, it yelped.

“You’re doing well, pet… Don’t… Or after I put my paddle away… I’ll dis… own… you.”


“Picture what I’m telling you…”

She cleared Her throat once more. It shut it’s eyes tight, trying harder. Her warm breath. Just below it’s ear once more. She sensually whispered…

“Then, I will glaze. My face. Rub. Your length, over my cheeks… chin, and…nose.”

It remained flaccid. She smiled to Herself. Success at last. The sound of the paddle gently being placed on the bedside table. It exhaled in relief. She opened the drawer. She ruffled it’s hair with Her other hand.

“Good boi… So polite…”

It finally opened it’s eyes.

“That was very respectful of you… I’m proud.”

She removed the small key from within the drawer. Another sigh of relief. It beamed.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

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