Animal vs human pets

Good things about owning a human pet over an animal one:

  • Hearing and understanding language means much more complex tasks can be carried out by the human pet. The owner is able to explain it’s expectations, possible punishments and consequences of certain actions without worrying about being misunderstood.
  • Being able to speak the same language also means that the pet can quicker explain what it has done wrong itself, tell you how much it likes belonging to the owner or generally how it feels. Animal pets can only leave owners guessing.
  • The human pet understands the concept of hierarchy. It knows and enjoys where it is placed. It knows and enjoys where it’s owner sits. It has an awareness of how lucky it is to be owned by you, an animal pet doesn’t. The animal pet is loyal but expects to be cared for. The human pet realises how many others it was chosen over, and has no reason not to worship and stay loyal accordingly.
  • Animals can’t be evolved to behave like humans, but humans can revert if needed. Animal pets can be trained to follow very simple tasks with simple instructions. For example, sitting with a one word command: “Sit.” Human pets can be conditioned to carry out most tasks with even less command. For example, an owner pointing at a sink full of washing up can cause the human pet to instantly do the chore.
  • Opposable thumbs. Only so much can be expected of animals to help around the house. Like humans, human pets have the dexterity to do as much as humans, only without any sense of self. (They make good masseurs)
  • All the pleasure needed by pets is to know that their owner is happy. Animal pets go so far with companionship to keep an owner happy. The combination of a human pet’s knowledge and understanding of what keeps people along with not having any physical restraints means much more enjoyment can be given to the owner.



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