She sat curled up with Her bare back to it. The pet lay on the bed behind Her, still in the position She had requested, remaining obediently attached.

She arched Her back and looked over Her shoulder.

“That’s good boi…” Reaching behind Her, patting it’s head.

It stopped. She furrowed Her brow.

“Did I say stop?”

“I’m sorry, Mistress… That’s the first time you’ve complimented me this year.”

She shrugged.

“It must be the first time you’ve impressed me.”

It dropped it’s head.

“It hasn’t felt good all that time, Mistress?”

“Of course it has, pet… Just not good enough for you deserve any praise!”

“I’m sorry, Mistress…”

She reached down. Rubbed the back of it’s neck.

“If I tell you’re doing a perfect job every time… You’ll stop trying. Stop improving for me…”

It nodded. Nestling against Her forearm.

“When was the last time I praised you, pet?”

“Last year, Mistress. September seventeenth… About 8pm.”

“You see? It makes you learn what feels special.”

It nodded. She directed it’s head behind Her once more by the nape of it’s neck.

“Show me exactly what you were doing that night… when I said it…”

It slid it’s tongue in a line from the very top of Her leg, stopping the long and delicate lick just above Her knee. It returned to the very lower edge of Her rump, made another line a few centimetres to the right of the first.

“Very good, pet. The odd compliment keeps you well trained, doesn’t it?”

It started a third line with it’s tongue. It stopped.

“I guess it makes…”

She grabbed it’s head and held it’s mouth back against Her leg.

“You weren’t finished, pet.”

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