Safe word…


She lay in bed. Relaxing. Her pet was about half way down, tending. Lapping. A position Mistress had long referred to as “sitting idle.”

*   *   *

“When you aren’t elsewhere, this is your home, pet…”

“Very good, Mistress…”

*   *   *

She put down Her phone, looking a little bored, She regarded Her pet.

“Stand, boi.”

It climbed off the bed, automatically kneeling for Her.

“Stand… boi!”

It quickly got to it’s feet. Clearly not liking being above Her.

“I’m Sorry, Mistress… automatic…”

It watched the floor in shame. Wishing it could drop.

“No… Good, pet… automatically knowing your place.”

“You’re a very good trainer, Mistress.”

She sat up.

“But not quite good enough it seems?”


She shuffled forward until She was sitting on the bed before it. The boi looked away from Her face.

“I get home… And the washing is unfolded in the basket!”

“You wrote to get it off the line and bring it in, not…”

“It’s assumed!”

It continued to look everywhere but at Her. She pulled it’s lead until it eventually looked into Her eyes. She smiled cruelly.

“No, Mistress!”

Her expression changed to one that could only be described as erotically coy. It tried to look away but couldn’t. Which was lucky. It would have been punished if it did.

“I’m going to remove your cock cage for an hour or so… put my hair into pigtails…”

The pet started to flinch. It’s balance going. She almost laughed to Herself and seductively continued.

“So that you’ve got something to hold on to while I plant my face on your big… beautiful…”

“Unicorn!” the boi yelled. It’s breath quickening. It fell to a kneel.

She consoled it. Rubbing and stroking it’s back until it calmed.

“Unicorn…” It whispered.

“Don’t worry, boi. Mistress won’t force you to act like a real Man…”

She picked up it’s lead.

“Unless you continue to not perform your chores properly!”

She rolled back into a lying position in Her bed, tugging the lead as She went.

It returned to sitting idle.

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