Birthday boi

It lay on it’s back on Her bed. It had control over none of it’s five senses. Mistress did. She’d straddled it’s face. She toyed with it’s hair while Her hips swivelled.

After a time, She reached inside Her bra. bringing out a small key, She slowed Her movements and held up the key. It didn’t react. She’d forgotten it would need to see.

“boi…” It didn’t speak, She’d forgotten it wouldn’t have known it needed to.

She adjusted Her legs slightly. Her calves no longer blocked it’s ears. As she lifted, it moved forward slightly, gasping for air.

“Try not to get too excited, boi.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress… I need to breathe…”

“Hmm. Shame.”

She lowered the key a little. It noticed the shine flashing from it.

“Guess what day it is, boi?”

It gulped, arched it’s neck and looked over at the small drain in the middle of the floor of the adjoining bathroom.

“This might be the year you get your big present, boi!”

It bit it’s lip as She flicked the key lazily into the bathroom. It’s heart stopped. The key slid on the floor two feet wide of the drain and rested by the bath. She pouted. It let out a sigh of relief.

“Sorry pet, permanent chastity to me will have to wait… Shame I’m a lousy shot isn’t it, pet?”

“Yes, no… Yes! Mistress…”

“One of these years…”

She repositioned Herself to maximise Her pleasure.

“In the meantime, you can give me another for being such a good birthday boi.”

“Yes M…”

It had lost control of it’s senses again.




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