Providing service

She sat in Her study, at the computer table. It occupied the space in front of Her chair, underneath the desk holding the computer. Out of sight, it probed. Explored Her.

Frustrated, She stared from the dialog box on Her computer screen to three different numbers on a card She held.

“To reconnect to your network, insert the access code below…” She read aloud from the screen to Herself. She looked at the different numbers on the card.

“I see a wireless key and a security key… What’s the difference?”

She tried again to tap one of the numbers in to the keyboard. It tilted it’s head at just the right angel, causing Her to sigh. She made a mistake. The code didn’t work. She swore.

“Stop it, pet!”

She ran Her hands through Her hair. She contemplated slamming a fist down on the keyboard. She didn’t.

“Don’t stop, do something less distracting.”

She felt it meander down each side of Her legs and down to Her feet.

“Good, boi.”

She scrutinized the numbers on the card, preparing to take on technology once more.

“You’re not unlike an internet company yourself, pet…” She smiled to Herself.

She felt it stop. She reached under the desk and stroked it’s head.

“At least one of my service providers is working properly.”

“Very good, Mistress.”

It continued as She took a deep, calming breath and flexed Her fingers before She typed.

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