Preparing it for Him

“I said, as you put it in to your mouth… swirl your tongue around it.” Slightly annoyed.

It did as instructed. It’s hands hanging by it’s sides, She held the rubber phallus to stop it from falling.

“Don’t stop… until you’re up to the shaft…” Slightly more annoyed.

It had stopped swirling. She pulled the rubber out of it’s mouth.

“We’ll start again. You are going nowhere near my new boyfriend until you master this.”

“He deserves nothing more, Mistress.”

She held the phallus near it’s lips. It kissed the head.

“Now. Don’t stop swirling your tongue until I say…”

She inserted it. Her pet did a better job.

“Good… pet…”

It moaned as She caressed a spot behind it’s ear.

“You get to meet Mitch soon.”

It moaned.

“Be sure to thank Him for pleasuring me in ways you never will…”

It moaned.

“You’d like to watch Mistress doing that wouldn’t you, boi?”

It froze, looking at the wall not too unlike a dead fish. She resisted the urge to push it’s head back on as it pulled off, She had asked a question of it after all. It bowed it’s head.

“I don’t think I could watch that, Mistress.”

She scoffed. Men were all the same, even if there was a tiny thread of masculinity left, the thing kneeling before Her would surely eventually turn back into something resembling a man if She ever freed it?

“It’s true, Mistress. I don’t see you as a woman… It would be like watching my teacher! I couldn’t dare.”

“Look at me. Now.”

After awhile, it looked from the floor to Her foot.

“I don’t really know what you look like in private company, Mistress. I don’ think I’m going to be able to look at you just because someone else is here?”

She reached down and patted the hair on it’s bowed head.

“That’s very respectful of you, boi…”

She hooked a finger around it’s collar and took the rubber by the shaft with Her other hand.

“He’ll be here in a few hours, boi.”

She held it out. It kissed the head.

“Just enough time to get these balls up against your chin…”

“Very good, M…”





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