Lucky boi

He sprayed the deodorant bottle. Four times. Twice under each arm. Admiring his physique in the mirror, before throwing on a blue short sleeve shirt. Doing up the buttons, He smiled at himself in the mirror. As He brushed his teeth, he wondered how any girl would be able to resist him tonight…
Her pet lay on it’s back on Her bed. She straddled it’s face, looking at Her self in the mirror. She applied make-up. She looked over at a white dress with a floral pattern folded over a chair. Brown sandals laying below it.

“Nice choice, boi.”
She sat up higher. It could breath. She hooked Her finger through the ring on it’s collar and pulled it towards the foot of the bed. It shuffled down until it’s head hung off the edge of the bed.

“How is my make-up?”
It regarded Her in the mirror. Upside down.

“Perfect as always, Mistress.”
She stroked it under the chin.

“Good pet.”
She climbed off the bed and started dressing Herself. It crawled after Her, attaching the sandals to Her feet.

“While I’m gone, you may study your massage book.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“The chapter on feet.”

“Yes Mistress.”
He spotted Her by the bar. Kind of hot. Not what he’d usually go for but She’d do. He approached Her… Compliment yourself before Her. That usually worked.
He smiled. She smiled back…
He got home. Alone. He climbed into bed and out of half of his clothes. He rubbed his crotch. Thinking about the woman, he became instantly aroused.
‘Want to come back and play with my slave?’ She’d said.
Pft! Liar. Oh well. It’d make a good fantasy. He masturbated. He fell asleep.
She lay back and toyed with Her phone in the dark.
Her pet dutifully serving, as if providing skilled and precise oral attention was it’s only function.

“Good pet.”
It continued.

“I almost had dessert to bring home for you, sissy boi.”
Intrigued, it paused for long enough to miss a few strokes in it’s rhythm.

“He was a bit of a jerk. Scoffed at me… didn’t believe you existed. His problem, not ours.”
It stopped. Making out half of Her face in the dark after a fleeting glance.

“He was rude to Mistress!? What happened?”
She rubbed it’s head, directing it back to duty.

“Back to work… It’s no concern of yours, pet. ”
She went back to Her phone.

“Wouldn’t mutual service be inappropriate, pet? You only being used half as much… Being half as good… Me wasting my time down there…”
It continued.

“Lucky boi… Aren’t you.”
It sighed in agreement.

It continued.

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