Understanding the difference…

She watched it’s face closely. Ready to measure its response…

“Have you ever… fucked anyone, boi?”

She revelled in it squirming silently and awkwardly.

“What’s wrong, pet?”

It reflected to itself for a moment in silence.

“Nothing, Mistress…”

“You’re sure?”

She stood. Above it, kneeling.

“I’ve never heard you swear, Mistress…”

She rubbed its hair.

“Such an innocent pet… Sometimes there’s good swearing, pet. Really good.”

She took the leash. Three short tugs meant it got down on all fours. It did. It was well trained.

“I’m still waiting for an answer, pet…”

It reflected again. Just for a second.

“You know I’ve had sex. With a… poor lady, Mistress.”

“Unfortunate for her, yes. But that wasn’t my question.”

She leaned down, whispering Her question once more into its ear.

“Have you ever… fucked… anybody?” Harsher.

It flinched and thought about the question again as She removed its butt plug. It flinched.

“There’s a difference between having sex with someone and… doing that to them, Mistress?”

It heard foreign sounds. It was hearing for the first time the harness being removed from the dresser drawer behind them.

“There is, my sissy boi.”

It heard Her attaching the harness and strap on to Herself for the first time. It didn’t dare look back to see what She was doing, that would be impolite.

“Sometimes I want to connect with someone I love, and have a sexual encounter with them. And, sometimes I want… need… a real man to… well… fuck me.”

It heard a slippery sound. Lubricant sliding along the length of shaft She had attached to Her.

“I… still don’t think I fully understand the difference, Mistress…”

She eyed the silver cock cage dangling below it. Smiling. She knew. Of course it didn’t. Of course it hadn’t. Of course it never would. If it was meant to, it wouldn’t have come to losing possession of its own sexuality!

“Don’t worry, boi. You’ll know the difference very soon…”

She knelt behind it. Slowly inserting just the head.

It yelped appropriately.

“You’ll know very well…”

…And to the hilt. Over and over.





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