Tending time

She lay back on Her bed. It lay facing Her below, tending. She rubbed its hair as it lapped. She picked up a phone from the bedside table and turned it on.

“Write me some erotica, sissy boi.”

It stopped, looking around for its phone. She directed Her pet’s head back to where it belonged.

“You asked me to…”

It returned to tending. She put the phone in its hand.

“Text it to me in chunks, pet.”

It tapped its fingers on the buttons, half concentrating on both tasks.

“If your work pleases me, I’ll turn around and let you rim me.”

Her phone eventually beeped. It put its phone down and went back to concentrating fully on its main function. She picked up the phone and read it. It looked up at Her hoping for praise, it received a light slap. Shocked, it stopped.

“…it knew it would never touch her lips…” She glared at Her pet after reading aloud.

“I won’t! I don’t deserve to Mistress? I don’t understand…”

“Her is spelt without a capital letter!”

It looked a little bewildered.

“I always put capitals, Mistress! It must have been the spell check on the phone!”

She went to hit it again. It flinched.

“Start again… All references to me begin with capital letters. Make it rhyme!”

It thought for a moment. She directed it back to doing both tasks.

It stopped again:

“Mistress, what rhymes with engorged?”

Annoyed, She snatched it’s phone from it and tossed both phones onto the bed beside Her.

“This isn’t pleasing me enough, boi.”

She reached down and grabbed its head.

“Next time, have a story written and ready for me to read during tending time!”

“Yes M…“

She tutted in annoyance and returned its face home.

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