A belting

She played with it’s hair as it served below, until it stopped. She rolled Her eyes, spotting it starting to think to itself. It stopped serving…

“Mistress, when Sir visits tomorrow and you aren’t here… If he’s had a bad day… What if he takes it out on me? What if he’s rough? What if…”

The last ‘What if’ went unasked as She silently directed it home. Holding it there for a moment, until it’s lapping returned to a suitable rhythm. The mood improved with the silence. The only noise a gentle lapping. Until…

“Mistress…” She tutted and rolled Her eyes.

“I don’t think I’d like seeing a man dominate you in front of me, Mistress… You’re like a God… A Goddess. It would make them seem like… whatever’s more powerful than a…”

Once more it was directed home. With a new firmness. It took longer for the linger of Her pet’s mutterings to fade. After they finally did…


She grunted and moved back. It looked up in shock as She reached over and grabbed it’s pants which were lying nearby. She grabbed the buckle of it’s belt and started to pull the leather out of the trouser loops. Her pet rolled off the bed and into punishment position. On all fours, head bowed. With the belt extracted, She tossed it’s pants to the side. She watched it in confusion.

“Do you see my paddle anywhere, sissy boi?”

It looked up. And around.

“No, Mistress.”

She lifted Her body and lay on the belt, with it going under and across the small of Her back. It watched Her in wonder. Once She was lying back down, She let out a single whistle. It climbed onto the bed, returning home. As it tended, She brought both ends of the belt up and behind it’s neck. She did the belt up as tightly as it would go. It became uncomfortably attached. She undid the belt after several splutters.

“I need to breathe, Mistress!”

She did the belt up again, slightly looser. Several holes back in the strap of leather.

“Indeed. Shame.”

It returned to serving. Enough time passed to convince Her there might not be any more interruptions.

“You think too much, pet.”

It responded but was only able to make the vowel sounds. Tongue never leaving Her. It stopped trying to respond. It kept serving. Perfect.

She stroked the back of its head and smiled at Her own ingenuity.


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