Transforming a receiver into a giver

…A Man was being sucked. Hard. It felt so… nothing. Not anymore. Feelings of decadence and pleasure were no longer associated with this chore. Just expectation. Unsexual concentration:

Focus. On. Sucking. This. Dick…. A Sir has been kind enough to present Himself for your mouth. Show gratitude by licking circles around the head… That was a favourite, it used to feel so… nothing. Not physically anymore. Just focus. Focus on giving a real man the best head job you can.

That is your purpose. Serve it.

Uncomfortable! Need to sit, stand, breath… All irrelevant. Make the real people standing over you happy. Especially the one holding your leash. And key.
Be the best. The best for any Man that Mistress has deemed worthy. Be amazing for Her. Dedicated. Skilled.

She deserved no less..

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