She was Her

“Up on your knees, sissy” Huskier than usual.

Getting out of presentation position, it of course obeyed. But not without cocking its head to itself in the blindness. Maybe She had a cold.

The sound of bed springs. She was sitting to the right.

“Over here, boi.” Definitely huskier than… Its thought was broken with a tug on its leash.

Bare skin on its lips. Her guiding hand on it firmly until it was right where She wanted. Smoother without sight. Some senses lacking allowing others to increase in sensitivity.

And then a thought. Mid-service, making it lose rhythm. Just slightly. Had She noticed? Her hand seemed to be gripping slightly harder:

‘The huskier voice… Coming from slightly too high up. Was She taller? High heels? Had She ever worn high heels? What if it wasn’t Her?’

It’s thought process was hampering it’s performance… and She deserved the best.

‘What if She had been busy… Needed to run errands and sent someone else instead… A friend or something…’

The idea of serving someone other than Her sickened it. The service almost ceased.

One way to tell where it was…

It did what it She liked. Finding the bump in the top right hand corner. It had been shown many times, but never seen…

Most of it’s tongue licking long, while the tip licked as fast as it could. Two speeds, Slow and rapid… A familiar reaction.

Her guiding hand firmer still, a slight change of position. And the best thing it could possibly hear in exchange for its efforts:

“Good, pet…”

It shut it’s blind eyes and sighed…

It was indeed home.



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