Release day

“Hurry up… Release!” She ordered in a way that made it seem She expected it to reach orgasm with a command alone.

Her standing, it kneeling. They both looked down at the caged patheticness hanging between it’s legs.

“Yuck… I’m going to have to touch it… Or am I…” To Herself.

She turned up Her nose and reached for a toiletries bag. The sound of jingling metal as She reached in. It had always wondered where the key to it’s cage was kept. She extracted a shiny metal object that wasn’t a key…

“Looking forward to climax, pet?”

It flushed red and looked at the floor. She leaned forward with the pair of tweezers.

“I hate it, Mistress… Ejaculating seems just as yuck… uncomfortable as vomiting.”

She softly clasped it between the bars of the cage with the metal prongs, robotically masturbating it. She was quite visibly disgusted.

“Who’d own a pet… Speaking of throwing up!”

Without warning, Her ankles, feet, toes were sticky. Speckled.

“If that wasn’t the shortest, quietest orgasm in the world… I don’t know what was!”

“Sorry, Mistress.”

“So you should be. And ashamed…”

It sighed. She grabbed a handful of hair.

“I hated it, Mistress.”

She guided it to the floor.


Extending Her foot, flexing Her toes…

“Now clean my feet.”



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