Caged in a cage…

It stirred and woke. It extended it’s legs… bump. Kicking the walls of the pen.

‘Huh?’ It remembered where it was at the same time as it raised it’s head… bump. It’s head hit the roof of the pen.

‘Oh that’s right…’ It’s new home. She’d left the door to the walk in robe open. For this it was grateful. It peered around the room, spotting the storage boxes underneath Her bed. It’s belongings. All the ones She’d deemed it necessary to keep anyway.

It heard keys in a door. A distant door opening… It got up on it’s haunches, eyes wider. Circling in the pile of blankets Mistress had dubbed it’s “nest.”

It heard footsteps, a door closing, more footsteps. Getting gradually closer. It’s breath quickened, it stared at the door. A feeling it had associated closely with being star struck when it was half way to becoming Hers.

The bedroom door opened. She entered, looking like She’d had a hard day. Spotting Her pet, some of Her trouble eroded just spotting Her caged pet.

‘I’ve cheered Her up with my presence alone!’ It was proud of itself, grinning accordingly.

She approached the cage, held the bars. Spotting it’s chastity:

“How is my little sissy boi, today?”

“Very good, Mistress.”

She stroked the side of it’s neck. Her pet couldn’t help holding Her hand by lifting it’s shoulder and tilting it’s head. She spotted it’s empty water bowl.

The white woollen bandage attached to the upper left side of it’s pelvis was coming off. A piece of medical tape was hanging freely.

“Looks ready to come off, pet!”

It looked down as She reached down and removed the rest of the bandage, revealing a an inch high, inch wide tattoo of a sea shell not much further up and to the side of it’s patheticness. She was happy.

“If anyone ever sees this tattoo… What does it mean, boi?”

“I like… the beach, Mistress.”

“Or some such white lie.”

She picked up the water bowl.

“What does it really mean, boi?”

“It means I’m yours forever, Mistress. Even if you set me free… I get a new owner, or…”

“Good pet.”

She stroked it’s head. Slid shut the door to the walk in robe and left the room to refill the bowl. It rested in it’s nest, waiting eagerly to see Her again.


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