At the gym…

The old man behind the counter at the gym watched the people on the walking machines, frowning at every one of them with their phones out. Watching television, listening to music. The guy on the end and the woman beside him were even tapping their fingers, typing on the gadgets. Talk about multi-tasking. Shaking his head, he thought to himself… ‘It wouldn’t be long and people would be able to send out their clones to exercise for them!’

The texts…

“How does the cage feel, boi?”

“Chafing Mistress. No pain Just enough to leave a mark”

“Good. You know I like it when you wear colour for me.”

“Yes Mistress”

After some time:

“Stop looking at me, pet. You know it’s disrespectful!!”

“I was looking at the clock on the wall for the time”

“You can see the time on your phone! You’re seeking punishment the next time I have you on my floor?”

“No, Mistress. I’m sorry I spend so much time in the dark with you. I barely remember what you look like”

If you were meant to see, you’d have an eye on your tongue, pet!”

“Very funny Mistress :)”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” (Don’t look at me!!)

After some more time:

“It’s nice to be out in public with you Mistress”

“OUT with me? You think this is some sort of date that you deserve to be on with me!?”

It started typing a message but didn’t finish:

“We are here purely for you to look more presentable for the men you pleasure.”

“Of course Mistress”

“If it were socially acceptable I’d be holding a leash around your collar at this very instant!”

“That would be convenient Mistress”

Rather. Turn the speed up to six on your walking machine now.”

“Yes Mistress”

It obeyed. Then:

“Speaking of the men you pleasure, see the man on the machine to the other side of me?”


“When he gets off his machine, follow him into the change room and politely ask if he’d like you to kneel in front of him.”

Typing furiously, it once more failed to complete it’s message:

“If you don’t, I’ll ask him right now on your behalf!!!”

“Yes Mistress”

Preparing nervously to obey, it watched the man out of the corner of it’s eye, being careful not to look at Mistress. The old man behind the counter had a funny thought. Imagine if those two were messaging each other rather than go to the trouble of talking?

He chuckled to himself and shook his head.






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