New memories…

On Her elbows and knees, arms folded. Her head nestled to one side. Cradled, She watched the television at an odd angle. Only half concentrating, on the program. She also half concentrated on Her pet. Also on it’s knees and elbows behind Her. Tending to Her in the most humiliating of all the places She could ask it to tend to…

“Think about your first ever kiss, sissy boi…”

A pause while it thought before obeying.

“Give it to me once it’s clear in your mind…”

It tenderly moved in. Connecting slowly and remaining for some time. She frowned and pushed it away with a swivel of Her hips. It looked confused.

“Your first ever kiss? Wouldn’t have been like that!”


“Tell me about it, boi.”

“Um… I was in the school play ground… High school. I was standing on the ground, she was sitting. On a bench in front of me. I just sort of leaned in a bit, and so did she…”

“Now… give it to me.”

It leaned in with it’s eyes shut, nervously pecking Her.

“That felt more like it.”

It felt proud for pleasing Her. She thought to Herself.”

“Now,  your first really long kiss. In private.”

It thought, before leaning in with it’s eyes shut.

“Good pet… We’ll change all those yucky old memories into nice new ones.”

It agreed in a few muffled syllables.

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