Nice guys finish last…

She leaned back on the lounge, watching Her pet stand in the kitchenette and pour a glass of wine. It returned to it’s knees, and tried to position the wine glass on it’s back in preparation to crawl it back to Her. It almost spilt.

“You may walk it back, pet.”

It stood again and quickly moved towards Her.

“I appreciate the efforts… Keep practicing please.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

It dropped to crawling position again, feet facing Her. She crossed Her feet and rested them on it’s back.

“You had a good night out, Mistress?”

She reached down and picked up one of the high heel shoes sitting beside Her.

“Yes, thank you, boi. Sir treated me wonderfully.”

“Good to know.” It beamed.

She picked up a bottle of lubricant from the table beside Her.

“How did I end up like this, Mistress? If I’m nice and Sir is nice… We both provide for you… yet…He gets to…”

She slid lubricant along the heel of Her shoe.

“You’re sounding very reflective tonight, pet?”

“I was always told to be nice to people. Should I have been told not to be too nice?”

She put the shoe on Her foot.

“Sir and yourself are both extremely polite, boi…”

She slid the heel slowly in and out of it. Her pet gasped.

“Sir opened the door for me at the restaurant… Pulled out my chair for me… paid. And I… rewarded him accordingly later…”

She slid the shoe right in, and removed Her foot from the shoe, leaving the shoe inside it.

“And you’re naked on the floor being used as my foot rest. So I’m rewarding you. And myself. With my shoe…”

It squirmed as She put Her foot back in the shoe.

“Not the sort of behaviour you’d usually find if you looked up ‘polite’ in the dictionary… But your just as, if not more useful and entertaining to me than the real men I spend time with, pet.”

“I’m glad, Mistress.” It closed it’s eyes and almost purred in contention.

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