Respecting boundaries.

“Mistress?” It looked up momentarily from the floor.

It looked away after seeing Her pick up Her wine glass. She didn’t reply. It flashed the briefest look once more. She was sipping from the glass.

“I’ve got a bit of a… confession… to make.”

She froze, mid sip. It gulped. She eyed it carefully, masking alarm with disdain.

“I had a thought…”

Relieved, She would have let out a small sigh of relief if She weren’t drinking. She took a swallow from the glass. ‘A thought!? Foolish boi…’

“I had a sudden urge to ejaculate. Down a woman’s throat…”

Utterly repulsed, She spat Her wine out.

“No one in particular! It wasn’t a conscious thought… It wasn’t even a thought! It was more a gut feeling… kind of primal or something like that?”

She swore under Her breath as She looked down at the wine stain in Her towel. She slowly mouthed the word ‘yuck’ and shook Her head in disgust at it.

“Nothing about you is primal, boi.”

“Sorry, Mistress…”

She took the towel off.

“I’m quite open minded as you know, pet…”

“Sorry, Miss…”

She tossed the towel to one side.

“I’ve heard of some quite out there kinks. Not for me, us… not for most. But each to their own…”


“But that’s a little too far for me, pet… Consider what you just did as crossing one of my hard limits.”


“How would you like it if I got up right now and broke one of yours out of the blue without you expecting it!?”

She went to stand. It looked very alarmed. Backing away.

“Now you know how I feel.”

It shivered. As punishment, She revelled in the look it gave Her for a few more moments than She usually would.

“Now go get me a new towel…”

It crawled from the room.



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