Derailed imagination…

It lay in a room of Her house. It wasn’t sure which room. Being hooded, it rarely was.

“Release day, boi…” It jumped. She’d managed to enter the room without it knowing.

‘Clink…’ The rare feeling of air against it. Her pet immediately missing the secure feeling caused by being pressed against the steel.

“Cum.” A mono-syllabic order.

It snorted before only just stifling an inappropriate laugh. It didn’t know She was glaring at it, but Her pet detected She was.

‘You’ve been training me into not experiencing orgasm and just expect me to do it on command?’ it wanted to ask. It wisely didn’t.

“At least get hard!”

It replied the same way in it’s mind.

“You must have some fantasies stored away from when you used to think it was worth the effort pleasuring yourself, pet?”

It bowed it’s head in concentration.

“Well… I’m waiting!?”

“I’m… searching, Mistress… I’d never noticed. They’re fading away…”

Eyes wide, Her fist pumped the air. She rubbed it’s neck, just below the ear.

“Good pet…”

“It’s not your fault you’re an excellent trainer, Mistress?”

“And it’s not your fault you’re an exemplary student, pet…”

It shivered as it indulged in Her praise.

After a pause that almost became awkward…

“Got one, Mistress.”

She waited.

“About ten years ago? When I worked way out in the desert? Work used to get cancelled a lot. The town wasn’t built for rain, being so dry. So when it rained, it flooded…”

“This is your idea of a fantasy!?”

“Sorry, Mistress… I’ll make a long story short… Even our clinic would shut, so I was stuck at home along with all the other staff… And there was a nurse, it was known She was a virgin… And I think She was a little depressed because of it…”

She took a turn stifling a laugh, a much harsher one.

“And you, a near virgin were going to fix all her problems!”

“We’d… Chat online. I used to fantasize while we were both home. About texting her and saying something like ‘Hey, wanna hang out?’ It seemed like a sexy way of saying I wanted to meet up for…”

“You’re pathetic, boi! You don’t realise She was probably at home wanting someone worthwhile to come along and fuck her properly?”

“That… doesn’t seem polite?”

She held the sides of Her head in frustration.

“The fantasy!”

“Sorry, Mistress… So I’d text Her, go around to her house… Um… She’d let me in, order me on to my knees, rub the outline of my cage in my pants… laugh at the fact I… was… locked? Thrust a dildo in and… out of my mouth in time with… porn we watched on the… internet…”

“That’s very interesting, boi. Something’s happened there, hasn’t it?”

“Um… I’d go around her house and She’d have her hung neighbour already there and forced me to…”

“Very interesting and clever that you were able to fantasize about chastity before you knew what it was!”

“My old fantasies… They’ve all changed. I can’t help adding a female domination twist!

She reattached the cage.

“I think we’ll leave it for now, boi… Try again in a few months.”



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