Mistress, Ma’am, pet and slave

Mistress whipped Her pet’s hood off. The sub kneeling in front of it had it’s hood taken off by it’s owner at the exact same moment. A flash of the new lounge room and slave is all it saw before it shut it’s eyes in pain. It always forgot. Both subs had. They opened their eyes. One sub, then the other. They both sighed in recognition:

‘You know what it’s it like to be me!’ being owned, secure, protected…

“No speaking to it!” That had been Her order in the car.

But they were now coming to a mutual understanding with eye contact alone. The pet was irritated with itself:

‘My Mistress is better than yours… What an annoying thought! I’m one of those subs?’

It would tell Mistress later. At least She’d be impressed with it’s loyalty?

“Kiss my new friend’s pet, slave.” From the new Mistress.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

The subs broke eye contact, looking at the ground as slave shambled forward on it’s knees. Her pet’s mouth fell open, it turned it’s head and looked at Mistress.

Pet’s look: ‘I’ll do more explicit things with guys, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to  do that, Mistress? Remember we discussed it? Or hug? Or…’

Mistress’ look: ‘Do as you are fucking told.’

It faced front again. It also shambled. They met. They awkwardly kissed. Pecking. No tongue. Some tongue. Missing.

“Hold hands! Properly!”

“Yes Ma’am.”

They kissed properly.

“Good girl…”

“Good boi…”

Mistress sipped Her wine before taking a turn with an order of Her own.

“Lie at our feet.”

The kiss stopped. It wondered if they were trying to ‘out Mistress’ one another?

“Yes, Mistress.”

A confused look from the slave to it’s owner.

“Her words are as important as mine tonight, slave.”

“Yes Ma’am… Yes Mistress…”

The two subs started to lie down.

“Sixty-nine position!”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

They obeyed, staring at each others chastity devices.

“I like the look of that cage, slave. Get one like that.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“A bigger cock than yours… Lucky slut…”

“Very good, Mistress.”

Mistress removed a tiny key from Her pocket. Ma’am removed one from Her purse.

Ma’am flicked Her key… It hit the pet in the chin. Mistress flicked Her key… it landed just beside Slave’s cheek.

The subs looked at the keys.

“Well go on!”

The subs obeyed as both Women rested their feet on shoulders, necks and heads.

Between sips of wine:

“How have you been?”

“Work’s been very busy…you?”







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