You are getting sleepy…

It felt strange being allowed in Her bed. Perhaps She didn’t mind as She wasn’t here?

Lie down with your hood on, pet. Make yourself nice and comfortable…

Not the usual end to Her messages, but it had learned obedience trumped all.

Footsteps. Light and into the room from the right, and Her voice:

“…Lay back and rest, pet… Breathe in slowly… All the way to your feet…”

“Yes, Mistress.” Strange, She usually greeted it before first commands.

The sound of Her changing clothes…

“…And out slowly… picturing the words: HER SLUT… in bold letters with each exhalation…”

“Yes… Mistress?”

Footsteps moved around the bed to it’s left, She picked up something. A bag?

“Continue to breathe… and picture those words, while you listen to me… You belong to me… You have no free will over your choices, until I decide otherwise… In other words never…”

Her voice sounded like it was still coming from the right side of the room, even though it had heard Her shift. Odd acoustics making Her sound like She was throwing Her voice?

“Keep breathing, boi… Allow my thoughts to become your own… Listen and picture me… That’s right… Her slut… You are nothing else…”

It was starting to get dozy, shaking it’s head slightly. Was there two people in the room?

“You don’t deserve to be my slave, just think how lucky you are…”

There must be. The bed sunk to it’s left as the other person sat near it’s head. It could still hear Mistress to the right:

“Lucky that  I’ve chosen to mould you… Teach you to worship… to serve a person so much better than you…”

Somebody leaned close to it. It was impossible, but it recognised the scent. Her scent. Home. It jumped almost a foot in the air when:

‘Hello, boi…’ From Mistress sitting to it’s left…

“Continue to breathe… a little deeper now… You are sinking…” Her voice still coming from the right.

Had She cloned Herself?

‘I’m going out now, boi… I want you in my bed to ensure you sleep well…’

“…Your ability to consciously think is being replaced by my voice… You don’t need a physical form as I teach you to think… Just float… and obey…”

“Yes, Mistress…”

The bed shifted as She stood. Her footsteps faded towards the door to the right, both versions of Her voice coming from the same area:

‘That goes for about thirty five minutes. The computer will loop it around automatically.’

“Submitting to Mistress is essential… Her wants and desires are now your only needs…”

“Yes, Mistress.”

‘I should be back during it’s six or seventh playing… I expect you to sleep through most of it… so it sinks in.’

The door shut. Her footsteps disappeared outside. Yet She still spoke.

“Giving Mistress pleasure will feel just as good as when you used to recieve it so long ago. Better even…”

It fell asleep. Waking just as the recording was finishing the first? Third time?

“Her…slut… Her slut… Her. Slut.”

It settled back into sleep during a brief silence…

And then:

“…Lay back and rest, pet… Breathe in slowly… All the way to your feet…”






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