Affirmative… or negative?

Head trapped between Her clamped legs. It didn’t matter who was in the room, or what was happening. It didn’t fear being temporary blind, just secure. In the calm, eye of the storm… it remembered what She had said before His arrival:

“When you kneel for Sir, you are His release. When I kneel for Sir, He is my enjoyment. Understand, boi?”

This comment came back because it could here Her worshipping in the dark. Well it guessed that’s what was happening from the noises. It would only ever have it’s imagination to wonder what was happening in the light. It thanked Her in it’s mind. It would hate to see Her being dominated. She was Goddess to it. If so, What would that make Sir? Nothing came above… and it didn’t deserve to see what Sir looked like. It was irrelevant to Him. All that mattered was Her. What did She look like again? It had been so long since… A slurp? Had She pulled off?

Suddenly. Bluntly:

“Would you like to fuck my pet?” Direct. To the point as always.

It’s mouth fell open, It’s toes clenched, the hair on it’s neck stood up. Goosebumps. All at once it’s lungs were full. It was suddenly at a fork in it’s kink… It could see both paths it could possibly continue down. In one exhalation, it would know which. After a single word from Sir. To the left in the dark… picturing itself being bent… used… sweaty… grunting… groaning… squirming… Her enjoyment… To the right… None of that. Replaced with a mixture of relief crossed with wonder and annoyance at delaying the inevitable taking of it’s virginity. And a sense of failing Mistress, letting Her down…

“No.” A single gruff syllable. A slow heavy sigh from it. Who knows what from Her?

She’d assure it later that it wasn’t to take the rejection personally. One day Mistress would get what She wanted, and Her pet what it deserved.


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