The Spark

It waited in the foyer for it’s turn to be summoned to the receptionist’s desk. It couldn’t stop staring at the woman behind the desk. Outgoing, funny, gorgeous… but it was something else that was causing the attraction. Ten… even five years ago, it wouldn’t have understood why the confident woman seemed so appealing. It had happened so many times when it had encountered similar women. A spark.

The joking, flirting? Some hair touching, flushed cheeks?

Then She had come along and helped it understand… The spark.

The bell rang. It stood and moved to the desk. The dance began again, only this time it knew what was happening… and why.

She joked with it. Did She know why She couldn’t stop smiling?

‘…I am a sub. And whether you know it or not, you are a Domme. You must be or you wouldn’t be acting this way…’ It thought.

More joking with a just a touch of flirting that it would never know how to respond to.

‘…If you don’t know that you’re a Domme, I hope you find out soon. I am your prey. You will one day relish in the hunt. If you do know you’re a Domme, then you know exactly what I am. And a few years ago, you’d have become my reason for existing just by snapping your fingers and telling me it was so… If the situation is the latter, I’m sorry. It’s too late. She found me in time… I belong to Her…’

“Bye!” She gave it a cheerful wave.

“See ya’!”

She summoned the next person to Her desk as it left.

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