Slaves Anonymous

The Mistresses sat in a circle of couches and chairs in the lounge room. Chat about dominating males and compliments were interspersed with a barely detectable array of:

‘Have you trained yours as well as I have? Doesn’t look like it…’ glances from Her to Her to Her. They occasionally glanced down at their subs. She leaned forward with a whisper:

“Make me proud, boi…” She leaned back.

It gulped at the thought of disappointing Her in front of such an audience. It looked around at the other slaves. Full leather suits, some dressed as animals, others not dressed at all. It recognised the other human pets. They all looked equally as eager to please their respective owners. The silence between them was loud from the ground:

‘My Mistress is better than yours…’ It was annoyed with itself. It’d never thought it would be so annoyingly eager to please. Oh well. It was true. Eventually the slaves anonymous meeting started. It drifted in and out of the conversation, The hosting Mistress  was talking to Her and Her… What did people business to it? She’d let it know when it was needed. Especially today.

“…And first we have a new member today… Miss Scarlett, and Her slave… it.”

Mistress looked down at Her pet. Her glance was annoyed: ‘It doesn’t even have a name!’

She was disappointed, so the pet felt at fault. The pet gave an apologetic look from the floor. ‘Lucky boi…’ She mouthed. The pet knew She meant it was lucky to even have a name.’

“…My name is it… And I am a cocksucker…”

The Mistresses applauded.

A Domme a few seats along raised Her hand…

“Goddess Natasha?” Asked the hosting Mistress.

“Can I see it’s gape?” From Natasha. The Mistresses nodded in approval at the request.

“Turn and display!” From Scarlett.

It turned and spread it’s cheeks. The slaves with narrower gapes were slapped, mock ridiculed with a firm hand from the Woman holding each leash. Smug looks around the room from any Mistress that owned a slave with a wider gape.

The boi beamed at being in the latter category. It’s smiled around at the humiliated slaves. She leaned forward with another whisper:

“Have you been using your nipple clamps, boi?”

The colour draining from Her pet’s face caused Her to sit back in annoyance, hoping the lack in that aspect of it’s training went unnoticed.

It felt happy. Punishment and a way to improve even more for Her…

Another Domme with another raised hand:

“Goddess Eve?” Invited the hosting Mistress…

“How’s it’s deep throating?” Asked Eve.

A Domme sitting behind a slave in a complete immersion hood tossed a large dildo, it landed at it’s feet. The Mistresses observed carefully as it picked up the rubber phallus.

‘Don’t be better than me!’ Willed every slave…


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