How times have changed…

I used to laugh at men who dressed as women… Now I lie on my back in bed, legs crossed running my hands over the fishnets, enjoying the silky feeling. Along with my favourite pair of panties clinging in exactly the right spot.

I used to spot a G-string sitting an inch or so above an attractive girl’s pants and wonder how long I could stare at the tanned small of her back before being caught… Now I wonder if I should ask where she bought it, to check if they have it in my size.

I used to be attracted to dominant women, and in confusion, without knowing what I was, imagined them on their knees covered in my release… I now see all women as aseuxual, yet superior to me. Especially one. I am only drawn to fulfilling Her every desire.

I used to think any form of homosexual activity wasn’t for me… I now act as a sexual convenience for any Men She deems worthy of my newly trained skills.

I used to look down on kinky people and their silly, frightening whips and leather role playing… Now I wait hooded, collared, leashed and caged hoping Mistress finds it satisfactory.

I used to find sensory depravation scary and pointless. Now… I still find it scary yet exciting. The smell of the latex makes me feel like I am moments away from a familiar “Hello, boi…” Sensually firm from somewhere behind the darkness.

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