Deserved and undeserved pleasure…

Bent over, Her behind. Kneeling. Wielding, from the corner of it’s eye… something? She moved closer. With intent.

It jumped a little. Rubber. Phallic and sliding. Relieved that She’d used lube this time.

It almost uttered an involuntary sigh. Stopped just in time, right behind the teeth. A sharp intake of air as it took it’s full girth on the third and fourth slow thrust. It’s full length on the fifth. Sixth…

“Am… Am I allowed to enjoy it, Mistress?”

The seventh…

“As my sissy slut, it’s a pleasure you deserve.”

The eighth… followed by a groan.

Ninth… tenth and a feeling that was becoming more and more unfamiliar…

‘I’m going to climax…’ It hung it’s head looking between it’s legs. Pressed in and Chastised. Useless and metallic… flashing in the light as it moved back and forth…

‘But… How strange. It couldn’t possibly be more flaccid…’

She stopped. Easing it out slowly… for the final time.

It breathed… long. Just as slowly… One or two more thrusts and it might have…

“Mistress, I nearly… my co… clit…”

“I know, boi…”

She rubbed behind it’s ear. Took it’s leash. A short sharp tug…

“You almost had a sissygasm. A pleasure you don’t yet deserve.”

“Very good, Mistress…”

Another tug on the leash, jerking it’s collar. It followed on it’s hands and knees…


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